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Songwriter, Composer and Stage Director

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Welcome to my musical universe!

I invite you to embark on a journey of musical exploration and hope you'll find great enjoyment in discovering my diverse range of music productions. Feel free to connect with me during your visit.


Within these pages, you'll encounter a delightful assortment of Italian songs, captivating theater performances, and enchanting instrumental compositions. You can access these musical treasures directly on this website or through the convenience of various popular streaming platforms.

A Better Place official video// Paolo Coruzzi

Make it right official video// Paolo Coruzzi

The last Paolo Coruzzi release including 6 new Italian songs "Stellamare"

...more Paolo's Music Productions on:

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Paolo Coruzzi instrumental pieces on Insight Timer
The guitar book for beginner guitarists "FAB Guitarist", written by Paolo Coruzzi

"It's time to learn how to play the guitar with a special book:

'I originally wrote this book to help develop a proper guitar technique along with a good comprehension of music theory, to support them while preparing for their Trinity College and ABRSM exams.. The goal of this book is to provide students not merely with a book, but with a ‘tool’ they could use along their path to become good musicians...' 

Paolo Coruzzi (Italian Music Artist).

"To book Paolo's live performance in London and the UK or to explore new artistic collaborations, please don't hesitate to send us a message here!"
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"Check out my songs in their acoustic rendition on Bandcamp."

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GUITAR, PIANO, and MUSIC COMPOSITION & PRODUCTION tuitions in Ealing and West London.

In person and online tuitions


Find out more at:


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