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Paolo Coruzzi is a multi-talented Italian artist, renowned as a songwriter, composer, and stage director, with his creative hub in London.

With a music career that began in 1992, Paolo has independently composed and produced solo albums, created captivating soundtracks for theater productions, and penned songs for fellow artists. His unique style, shaped by extensive travels, literary studies, and poetic exploration, earned him the first prize in poetry at the Pirandello Stable Festival in 2012.

Paolo's journey also led him to theater and cinema in 1998. He trained rigorously at drama school and spent several years perfecting his craft in stage directing. Since 2002, he has written and directed a range of plays, including works by Ionesco, Euripides, and Ibsen, performed in various UK venues.

His dedication to education shines through his teaching roles in subjects like Italian Literature, Humanities, Music, and Drama. His educational background includes an MA in Humanities and Arts from the University of Turin, a Diploma in Classical Guitar from Trinity College London, and a recent MA in Archaeology from University College London.

Paolo's academic journey intersects with his passion for exploration through Sacred Archaeology, where he delves into ancient wisdom and discoveries. Explore the depths of history and the significance of the sacred at

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Paolo is the founder of SounVid, a video-audio-photo production company (

Recent accomplishments include the publication of 'Viandanti nelle terre del sole,' a collection of Italian poems, and 'FAB Guitarist,' a beginner's guide for guitar enthusiasts, both available on Amazon.

Discover more about Paolo's impressive music production at

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