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"The mission of this book is to help students develop proper guitar technique and gain a strong comprehension of music theory, often overlooked or abandoned along the way. Our aim is not merely to provide students with a book, but to equip them with a 'tool' for their journey toward becoming skilled musicians. We strive to keep fundamental technical and theoretical content easily accessible and vivid in the minds of our students.

The pieces in this book have been composed to be suitable for both classical and electric guitarists, making it a versatile resource for every aspiring musician. For video tutorials and the FAB Guitarist trailer, please visit our website at

Note: This book comes highly recommended for students planning to progress through the Trinity College and ABRSM grades."

These minor adjustments make the statement slightly more concise and improve the flow of the text.

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"Viandanti nelle terre del sole" (Wanderers in the Lands of the Sun) is a collection of Italian poems written between 2002 and 2015. These poems vividly portray distant locales, uncharted territories waiting to be discovered, diverse individuals, captivating visages, and a cascade of impressions that sweep through the pages. It's a voyage through the intricacies of life, an eternal quest for the guiding light amidst the shadows.

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