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...every album and single available on this website has been entirely composed, played, and produced by Paolo Coruzzi.

seasons - December 2018

'Seasons is an instrumental albums that explores different musical landscapes.

The guitars conduct this journey through different genres and sounds, free of interacting with other instruments and combine different styles and sonorities.'

Seasons cover II.jpg

mediterrando -  August 2014

'Mediterrando was written on the magical island of Sicily. Its vibrant and colourful songs are about people, feelings, melancholies, and love for life...all painted on a Mediterranean musical canvas.'


ALBOREA -   March 2011

'Alborea is about escaping out of the darkness back into the light. A complex and deep meditation in music around the answers and questions that life puts in our way. It's an experimental album where most of the time a song becomes a tale or remains suspended in a musical limbo.'


LIBRANTE - June 2007

'Librante reflects all my enthusiasm for making music and writing songs, my desire to add new musical elements, to continuously improve my technical skills as well as different aspects of the composition and arrangements.'

Librante cover.jpg


CrDr cover.jpg
Sospeso Cover 2.jpg
Bella cover.jpg
Dreamcatcher - Cover.jpg
SNOW cover_Fotor.jpg
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