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SÉmesi -  may 2012

'Sémesi has been hidden for many years in the memory of a hard-drive and finally finding its way out. The songs included in this album describe a time of disquiet, a difficult period in search of answers...searching for the courage to start all over again.' acustico 2 -  June 2010

'In Acustico 2 is the second journey through the 'forgotten songs' written across the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010.'

anima irradiata -  April 2007

'Anima Irradiata is based on a selection of poems which were originally selected and performed in a stage production. In this album music and poetry come together in a wonderful dance of emotions and floating images. The poems have been published in a book 'Viandanti nelle terre del sole'.

HORIZON -  July 2007

'Horizon is my second album of songs written in English after my debut album 'Make It' with the band Wild Waves back in 1992. It's a rock album inspired by the memories of my journey through America which always opened doors to new possibilities and transformations.'

il principe felice -  october 2007

'Il Principe Felice was produced as a soundtrack to the play The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde in the Italian version. The album includes songs and instrumental pieces which aim to represent the wonderful magic of the tale.'

distanze e ritorni -  october 2005

'Distanze e Ritorni is an album full of energy which describes a great time in my life. 2005 was a revolutionary year for me, it is marked by great friendships, ideas, dreams, projects, incredible journeys… and finding the confidence to get back on a plane!'

seta nera -  april 2004

'Seta Nera tells about the world and people, bringing a fairy tale atmosphere into the music and the words. It's about love coming out of the darkness, the princess and the knight, death and the sunrise.'

morso -  may 2003

'Morso is named after the rock band that I put together with Antonio Spadafora (Drum), Giancarlo Calí (Bass) and Paolo Da Milano (Guitar). Great fun and rock 'n' roll!'

simmetria -  january 2003

'Simmetria was the third chapter of the 'back to music' period. Still trying to define a proper genre and taste, developing the audio editing skills and always in search of new sonorities...while the Rock is progressively coming back.'

linea obliqua -  november 2002

'Linea Obliqua, the second chapter of the 'back to music'. Electronic influences and sometimes abstract lyrics show a temporary change of direction in my style. It is fun, sex and rainy skies.'

ELLISSI-  september 2002

'Ellissi emerged after a long pause of almost four years completely devoted to theatre. Finally, I was ‘back to music’, the fingers were rusty, but the music was flowing like never before. Literature, poetry and traveling melt with a new and exciting musical journey.' acustico -  august 2002

'In Acustico is a collection of 'forgotten songs' and new ones written across 1999 and 2002 in the gradual attempt to bring music back to life. The big push came after winning the SIAE scholarship as one of the best Italian authors in 2002 and refining my craft under the guide of Giulio (Mogol) and Alfredo (Cheope) Rapetti.'

immagini -  june 1998

Immagini was recorded at Gulp by Cipo Calliari and released while I was still serving in the Alpini's troups. Most of the songs were written on a train while travelling through Europe during the summer of 1997, just before I started the military service.

solo -  february 1995

'Solo marks the start of my solo career after parting from my original band Wild Waves (later turned to Onde) with whom I released the second official album 'Stati d'animo'. Solo was recorded and arranged at Gulp Recording Studio by Cipo Calliari.'

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