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Meditation on the Digital World of Love

In this post, I would like to discuss a topic that has occupied my thoughts in recent years. I have spent a significant portion of my life trying to define the word 'love,' attempting to understand its various meanings and how it has evolved for me through different stages of my life.

As someone once said, when we talk about coffee, we all have a common understanding of what we're referring to. However, when the word 'love' enters the conversation, things become more complicated. We love our parents, siblings, and friends, but we also love our pets, cars, and, for some, even inanimate objects like guitars. So, when we 'fall in love,' where do we find ourselves? In what emotional context do we place this 'total eclipse of the heart'?

My current conclusion is that love comes afterward. It takes time to develop and requires consistency, patience, detachment, freedom, care, and enduring passion. However, every form of love also needs a spark, a flame capable of igniting this transformative process. There are various starting points, such as the time spent with our parents, relatives, and friends, the time spent yearning for a car, house, pet, or musical instrument. Then, there's the moment when you see that person, and the light turns on, and you must figure out how to make it a reality.

In the past, that spark would have ignited in a three-dimensional environment like a school, a playground, an office, a café, or any place where two people could cross paths multiple times and gradually get to know each other. Eventually, they would have realized that the tingling sensation running up their spines was the confirmation of some kind of chemistry, moving molecules around in a confusing but new and exciting way. Then, letters would be exchanged, calls from telephone booths, and brave attempts to ask the other person out on a date, or simply for a walk in the park or around the block.

However, one day, someone, not clearly identifiable, placed a digital device in our hands and somehow convinced us that all this surrounding noise wasn't necessary. Life would be easier and safer if everything were contained in one place. In less than fifteen years, human beings became trapped in these digital boxes, losing their ability to rebel and return to perceiving the world as it truly is: slow, challenging, enchanting, and populated by a multitude of different creatures coexisting in a delicate and complex dimension.

So, the question is, "Where will we find that spark that can guide us on the path to 'constructing love'?". I'm living in a country where people rarely make eye contact while on the street, in a train, or in a café. Everyone's head is constantly down, absorbed in the myriad of images scrolling on their small screens while the world around them passes by.

If you are reading this right now, please raise your eyes and look around. If someone is nearby, send them a smile, or simply focus your gaze on something real and ask yourself, "What will endure in a world without electricity?" I look forward to hearing your perspective. 😊

Here is a song I wrote a few years ago, contemplating the topic above. Enjoy it!

A girl lost in her phone disconnecting from reality
Sconosciuta - my new single from the album Stellamare.

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Love is a wierd topic. Some looks like not needing it. Some like existing just because of it. I probably belong to the second group of people. But first of all, each one of us has to love himself first. It is already difficult. then... when reached that point we probably good enagh to attract people. The point is that sometimes we do not know which people.

I also believe in live at first view. Maybe is just attraction but chemistry can be magic.

Thanks for sharing that Paolo. Your music is greate.

Lots love and care to you and your dears.


Replying to

Thank you so much, Igor, for sharing your ideas about love. I agree that it's a complex topic, and everybody assigns different meanings to this word, often leading to conflicts and misunderstandings in the name of love.

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