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SNOW: A Meditation on a Long Journey into Self-Discovery

I would like to accompany the words of this post with a song I wrote toward the end of 2014. The reason I’d like to do this is that when I composed “Snow,” my life was gradually sliding downhill, and the horizon in front of me was completely blurred.


Being in born in January in a city not too far from the mountain, where forty years ago the snow was copiously falling, created in me a deep bond with this element. Since I was a child, I spent most of my winters running, playing, and skiing on this magical white carpet, enjoying watching the sky full of stars while lying on a roof covered with snow at night. It was as if all sounds were muffled, and the air froze around me. The world was still and in perfect harmony with the constellations.  


During the winter of 2014-15, I looked towards my beloved mountains and realized that the time to make a serious decision and change the cards on the table was coming.

After roaming around for so many years in search of a docking port, I ended up feeling like a beggar, constantly trying to achieve something that just wasn’t coming. I had to sell myself cheap so many times to keep my dreams alive that I couldn’t swallow the humiliation anymore.

That year I turned 40, and I truly felt that life was now heading in the opposite direction. Until that moment, it was like keep climbing toward the summit, and since then, it was like looking down toward the valley below, and I didn’t like it. This song, and the video linked below, represent the end of a long solitary path that was taking me into hibernation. I had to decide if to hide and merge with that white and immaculate silence or find the courage to change my life completely and see if there was another chance for me to resurrect. I needed a rebirth, a new destination. I needed to believe that I would find a way to make myself useful and all my efforts would be appreciated and acknowledged.


Someone said that when you want something hard, the universe comes to help you. So, my call finally came, in April 2015…



Curiosity about the Video Production


I always filmed and edited all my videos. After finishing the music production of “Snow,” I was waiting for the snow to come for real to make its video. In early March, I could finally see that something was happening on the mountain top. I took my equipment and drove up to Moncenisio, on the road that crosses the Alps at the border with France. The blizzard was quite strong, and I finally reached an altitude where the snow was blocking the street, and I couldn’t proceed forward. Therefore, I had to turn around, and that’s when I noticed the abandoned tunnel of an old rail on the side of the street. So, I decided to film the video in that location, and it was a truly magical experience.


Note: I’ve never had a beard so long in my life😂



Snow was written in November 2014 in Turin, Italy
"Snow" by Paolo Coruzzi

SNOW (Paolo Coruzzi)

Travellin’ alone through the silent night

looking for something, I don’t know why.

The stars up above are just shining bright

far away from the memories I’ve left behind.

The blizzard has passed and I’m feeling fine.

The road is still wet but I’m gonna drive

out of my fears toward new frontiers

where the clouds disappear and I will be free.

Like the snow

falling down from skies above

melting softly upon the earth

now that you’re gone...I can make it on my own.

The cities are sleeping, there are no more lights,

no candles, no singing, no one inside.

It’s a kind of desert consumed by dreams,

it’s a rainbow of white blended with the steam.

The blizzard has passed, I feel so alive.

The road could be long, for now I have to drive

leaving behind what I've believed, clearing all the past

‘cause this time is mine. I'll find myself at last.

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